Classic Safe 1783

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Classic Safe 934Our Classic Safe 1783 is an 1/16" thick, 1" square of Stainless Steel with a pendant / mounting loop on one side, with your encrypted private key embedded in 3D and colored black.  With a melting point over 2700°F (and 1500°C), this safe can keep your Bitcoin private key intact in nearly any fire, unlike a paper safe, because paper begins to char at 387°F (197°C).  Where a paper wallet can be destroyed with exposure to water, mold, pests, and simple aging, our Stainless Steel safes are invincible.

House fires are known to reach 1830°F.  This safe's melting point, being quite a way above that will ensure your retention of your Bitcoin private key in nearly any event of house fire.  This safe provides our most robust fire protection currently on offer.  Additionally, due to its small size and the pendant loop, this safe can be hidden securely in many imaginative ways, using simply a screw or nail.  For specialized requirements, please contact us.

Only $60 USD / Snapshot Bitcoin price BTC

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If we don't ship within 2 weeks, we will happily provide a refund.  As a small business, it is possible that our orders may outpace our supply chain, although we work actively to prevent that.

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