Get Started

You're ready to secure your Bitcoin investment?  We're happy to guide you through the process:

This is our quick-start guide.  Full, detailed instructions are available.

  1. You will need to generate a password protected private key using the BIP38 standard.  This will make your Bitcoin Firesafe "2-factor" secure: to spend the funds, you'll need your pass phrase along with the safe.  This enhances security dramatically.  You can generate your key on our website's contact form screen, on this page, or you can use a utility of your choosing.  We only recommend using our code generator if you are certain that your PC and Internet connection are secure.  The most popular and well trusted alternative to our website's utility would be to download the paper wallet generator.  Unzip this on a secure computer, preferably disconnected from the Internet, and use it to generate your BIP38 encrypted key.
  2. Whichever method you use, do be sure to keep the pass phrase safely stored, preferably in multiple locations.
  3. When generating the encrypted private key, you'll also see a generated, public "Bitcoin address": Save this key; you can use it at by pasting it into the search box, and bookmarking the resulting page.  You'll use this to check your balance and add funds to the safe.
  4. Order a Bitcoin Fire Safe.  Our offerings are solid metal plates with your encrypted private key embedded as a QR Code in a 3 dimensional relief.  Our contact form uses client-side PGP encryption, so it doesn't rely on HTTPS certificate authorities, and it provides proven reliable encryption.  What you write and paste in the Questions/Comments field can only be seen by us.
  5. We will write back to confirm your order and provide a payment address.  After payment is received, your order enters our work queue.  In about a week, we will ship your new, custom fire safe.
  6. After receiving your new safe, scan and check your code.  Upon verifying that it matches, the encrypted private key can be safely deleted from your computer and any other digital storage medium.  This is a matter of preference, but it is highly advised that any retained copies of your encrypted key are stored separate from the pass phrase if the location is not 100% secure.  A way to double your security is to purchase two fire safes at the same time, and store the second one off-site, with trusted friends or family, etc...  We offer a discount for multiple quantities of the same safe!
  7. Now you can begin to store funds "inside."  Simply transfer a quantity of Bitcoin to the public address you recorded / bookmarked earlier.  You can repeat this as often as you like!
  8. When you are ready to retrieve the funds from your safe, be sure to transfer the full amount in a single transaction.  The private key on your safe can be scanned with a normal cell phone and the code, along with your private pass phrase can be used to import the wallet and retrieve the funds with a variety of wallet software.

A couple notes on security...

  • Never share a photograph and never insecurely store a photograph of your safe with any of the QR code showing.  A partial QR code can contain enough information to reveal a key, because the QR Code standard includes error correction.  If you have a preference on the amount of error correction included in your safe, we can discuss those options as well.
  • If you wish to withdraw and sweep funds from your Bitcoin Fire Safe, and you intend to re-use that safe in the future, it is highly advised to use your own installation of Bitcoin client software on a secure PC, rather than using an online wallet, as that process will involve sharing your private key with a third party.

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